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Leather sandals, or Jesus sandals, are known for their minimalistic elegance, comfort, and durability. The practice of wearing sandals can be traced back to Biblical times. Several references to sandals can be found in the Bible as well as the Tanakh, which indicates that it was customary for early Israelites and Christians to wear sandals.

Sandals in Biblical Times

During Biblical times, sandals were mostly made of untreated leather and had cords or laces made of fine leather or dry grass. Scholars say that the Israelites’ knowledge of tanning allowed them to make leather sandals as well as numerous other items including straps and harnesses for horses, water bottles, and writing materials.

The religious significance of sandals can be gauged from the fact that Jesus Christ Himself wore them. In Matthew 3:11, John the Baptist says that he is not worthy of carrying the Lord’s sandals. Similarly, in Mark 1:7, he says that he is not worthy of untying the laces of the Lord’s sandals.

Other References to Sandals

Some additional references to sandals include:

  • “How beautiful your feet are in your sandals” (Song of Solomon 7:1).
  • “While I kept guiding you for 40 years in the wilderness, your garments did not wear out on you and your sandals did not wear out on your feet” (Deuteronomy 29:5).
  • “Get dressed and put on your sandals” (Acts 12:8).

The Talmud says that one must sell the roof beams of his house to buy shoes for his feet – indicating the importance of wearing footwear during Biblical times.

References to sandals in the Bible and the Tanakh also indicate that it was customary for people to take off their sandals on certain occasions. In Exodus 3:5, Moses is asked to take off his footwear, as he was standing on holy ground. It is also mentioned that when David was in mourning, he was barefooted.

In his commentary on Exodus, St. Augustine says that we must give up “dead works” (a reference to sandals, which are made of dead animals’ skin) when we are on holy ground. Scholars say that the term ‘dead works’ can also be a reference to human nature, behavior, and actions.

Just as we remove our footwear when we are on holy ground, we must also detach ourselves from worldly pleasures and realize that only through His grace can we ever redeem ourselves and our salvation lies in Him alone.

Biblical Sandals from Holy Land Market

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