Finding Comfort in Everyday Life With Holding The Cross

The journey of life is filled with moments of joy, hope, despair, and pain. Humans – being the sensitive creatures we are – tend to feel elated when something good happens and feel hopeless when something bad happens. Part of the reason why people tend to oscillate between the two extremes is that they do not have an anchor to hold on to during emotional times.

For true believers, the holy cross can be the anchor that provides us with the strength we need during times of turbulence and turmoil and the reminder to be thankful in times of joy.

The Meaning of the Cross

The cross signifies many things for believers. It is a symbol of the Lord’s love for his creations, as He chose to sacrifice Himself on it. It is also a symbol of resurgence and regeneration, as He rose from the dead and signaled His victory over death. It’s why the cross is often referred to as the “victorious cross” and the “wood of life”.

How to Find Comfort in Your Day-to-Day Life with the Cross

By holding the cross in your hands and carrying it with you wherever you go, you can keep yourself grounded during moments of great joy and find the strength you need to get through difficult times.

  • When you achieve something great and feel on top of the world, the cross can remind you that it was through His grace that you managed to achieve what you did, for you are merely the device through which He operates (Philippians 2:12-13).
  • When you are wronged by someone and feel the urge to punish them, the cross can remind you that forgiveness is a virtue and that if you forgive others for their transgressions, you will be forgiven by the Heavenly Father for your own transgressions (Matthew 6:14-15).
  • When you do something wrong and feel ashamed about it, the cross can remind you that even though you have sinned, you can still redeem yourself by believing in Him and His divine grace (Romans 3:23-24).
  • When you are in pain, the cross can remind you of His sacrifices and His crucifixion, which was an act of His own will. It can help you understand the importance of willful humility and the willingness to bear the burden of suffering and pain. Through your own pain, you can feel connected to Him and feel His presence. As Psalm 147:3 says, He can heal your broken heart and heal your wounds.

Finally, the cross does not guarantee a comfortable life for believers. What it does, on the other hand, is give you the hope and strength you need to get through tough times and be always reminded of His presence in your life.

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Holding the cross

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