Olive Wood Covered Bible - a Must-Have in Every Christian Household

For a Christian, reading and connecting with the Word of God every day is an important aspect of their faith. By reading it regularly and meditating upon God’s message to humanity, we can bring our hearts that much closer to Him and feel His divine presence around us.

If you wish to truly experience the life-affirming power of God's Word in a unique way, an olive wood covered Bible is exactly what you need. What makes the olive wood Bible so special? Let us take a look.

Olive Wood Bible – A Must-Have for Believers

The olive tree is regarded as a symbol of love, peace, and abundance in the Christian faith. The Bible says that before the Lord was crucified, He prayed under an olive tree. It is why olive wood has great religious significance for Christians around the world.

With this being the case, what could be more fitting than to wrap the Word of God in an olive wood cover? Every time you pick up the Bible from the shelf, you can feel blessed that what you are holding in your hands is made from olive wood, which is so intimately connected to the Lord’s life.

The best part about the olive wood Bible is that the wood is gathered from the Holy Land, where the Lord spent His life and preached His message to His followers.

The Importance of Aesthetics in the Christian Faith

Throughout the ages, the Bible has been one of the biggest influences on art and culture all over the world. It is why T.S. Eliot said that Christians have a duty to maintain standards that are over and above what is pertinent to the rest of the world.

His words are applicable to every aspect of a Christian’s life – from what you wear to what you read. So, it only makes sense for Christians to choose an aesthetically pleasing version of the Bible over a regular one.

Moreover, it is important to remember that the Bible is alive. Every time you read it, it clears your doubts, answers your questions, and brings light to your life. Being the Word of God, it deserves our respect and devotion. It is why an olive wood covered Bible is the perfect choice for Christians who want to honor God's Word and want to treat it like the treasure it is.

Olive Wood Bibles from Holy Land Market

At Holy Land Market, we offer an exclusive collection of olive wood covered Bibles that are handcrafted to perfection by devout Christian craftsmen from the Holy Land.

The covers are made of beautiful olive wood collected from the Holy Land and are carved with various images including the Last Supper, the Holy Sepulchre Church, the Lord’s Prayer, and Stations of the Cross. You can pick and choose the one that feels close to your heart!

Our Bibles are filled with pictures of Biblical sites and historical charts and can be a treasure-trove of information for any believer. Printed on high-quality paper, these Bibles can make excellent gifts for your loved ones.

To place an order for our olive wood Bible, shop online at any time. If you have any questions call us today at 1-612-454-7916 or contact us online

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