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Rosaries are available in a variety of different materials – from glass to stone, metal, and crystal. Still, the humble wooden rosary remains the most preferred choice of devout Catholics around the world. Why does wood remain the preferred material for making rosaries? What makes it stand out from the rest? Let us take a look.

The Connection between Wooden Rosary and the True Cross

Historians say that in the Holy Land, it was customary for people to touch the wooden cross on which Jesus was crucified, as they believed it could heal them, bless them, and bring them good luck. While the concept of rosary emerged much later in Christianity, it became customary for Christians to touch their wooden rosary or the crucifix attached to it whenever they were in danger. Scholars say that it is a continuation of the pious tradition that started long back in the Holy Land.

In fact, scholars say that the phrase ‘touch wood’ or ‘knock on wood’ has its roots in the practice of touching a wooden cross, rosary, or any object made of wood to avoid bad luck. This is one of the biggest reasons why the wooden rosary is considered special, as wood is the material on which the Almighty chose to sacrifice Himself. It serves as a reminder of the Lord’s never-ending grace and love for all His creations.

The Moldable Nature of Wood

Another reason why wooden rosaries are considered a better choice than rosaries made of other materials is the fact that wood is easy to work with and can be molded into any shape. It indicates the possibility that a pious Christian can mold their life to the Will of God if they are sincere in their belief and have enduring faith in the Almighty.

Jesus – The Carpenter

As you know, the Bible says that Jesus – just like Joseph – was a carpenter. What more could a Catholic ask for than to wear or keep a rosary made of the material that the Lord Himself worked with in his time?

Wood – The Symbol of Simplicity and Austerity

Wood has a rustic and earthy quality to it, which makes it an ideal choice for making sacred objects – including and especially the rosary. It is a reminder that Catholics are required to lead a simple lifestyle without excessively indulging in worldly pleasures, as it can cause them to stray off the path of the Lord. This is yet another reason why Catholics hold the wooden rosary in high regard.

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Wooden rosary

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