The Significance of Olive Wood From Bethlehem

Any item made of olive wood is very special for Christians, due to the spiritual significance of the olive tree in the Christian faith. Olive wood from Bethlehem – in particular – is the most precious of them all, as it is where the Lord chose to be born.

Olive Tree in the Bible

The Bible is replete with references to the olive tree. Some of the most notable references include:

  • In Deuteronomy 8:8, the land of Israel is described as the “land of olive oil and honey”.
  • In Yotam’s parable, the olive tree is described as the king of trees.
  • In Jeremiah 11:16, the olive tree is described as a beautiful tree with goodly fruit.
  • In Revelation 11:4, Joshua and Zerubbabel are described as the “two olive trees and the two candelabra that stand before the Lord of the Earth”.
  • In Psalm 52:8, David compares himself to an olive tree which is flourishing in the house of God and states that he trusts in God’s unfailing love forever.

Olive trees are known for their extremely long life spans. The amazing part is that even trees that are hundreds of years old are capable of producing new shoots. Many scholars compare the regeneration of olive trees to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Why Olive Wood is Special

More importantly, many Biblical scholars are of the opinion that Jesus, being a carpenter by occupation, must have worked with olive wood, which was and still is abundantly available in Bethlehem. So, for a Christian, olive wood artifacts – especially those made from the olive trees in Bethlehem – are extremely special.

Perhaps the most important reason why olive wood from Bethlehem remains sacred for Christians is that Jesus Christ prayed under an olive tree before He sacrificed Himself on the cross for our sins. The fact that He chose to spend the last hours of His life as a mortal under an olive tree makes it all the more significant for Christians.

The Tradition of Olive Wood Carpentry in Bethlehem   

Bethlehem has a rich tradition of olive wood carving, which dates back to the Biblical times. The city is home to a number of Christian artisans who specialize in carving religious and culturally significant items out of olive wood. For thousands of years, the skills and techniques associated with the craft have been passed from one generation to another and the tradition continues unbroken to date.

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Olive wood from bethlehem

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