The mezuzah has long been the symbol of protection in the Jewish faith. Once affixed to the doorpost, the mezuzah protects those who live in the household against all kinds of dangers they might face in their lives. In this post, we will address five of the most commonly asked questions about mezuzahs.

What Does the Mezuzah Contain?

It consists of a parchment scroll made from a kosher animal. Upon the scroll, two passages from the Bible are inscribed – Deuteronomy 6:4–9 and Deuteronomy 11:13–21. On the back of the scroll, the word sha-dai – one of God’s names – is inscribed. It is enclosed in a case – which can be made of any material – and can be hung or affixed to the doorpost.

How Many Mezuzahs Can I Hang in My Household?

It depends on the number of rooms in your home. You should hang one on the front door at the main entrance and then one on each doorway – except the bathroom. You can even affix one to your garage or outdoor shed – as long as they are at least 39.6 square feet in size and have a proper doorway. If you plan to hang only one mezuzah, it should be hung on the front door – not inside your home.

What Is the Right Way to Hang Mezuzahs?

Ideally, you should hang or affix the mezuzah on the right side (your right side when you enter the room) of the doorway. It should be hung at an angle so that the top portion is pointing towards the inside of the room and the bottom portion is pointing towards the outside.

Why Should We Kiss the Mezuzah?

The practice of kissing the mezuzah goes back to the middle ages. Rabbinical authorities say that whenever you leave home, you should touch the mezuzah, say a prayer and ask for the Lord to protect you, and kiss your fingertips. It is believed that kissing the mezuzah instills a sense of piety and religiosity within oneself and bestows divine protection against all kinds of harm.

How Often Should I Check the Mezuzah?

The mezuzah should be checked for defects twice every seven years. Some people, however, prefer to have it checked every year. You should not check it by yourself. You should get it checked by a qualified scribe.

If the mezuzah is cracked or damaged due to adverse weather conditions or due to any other reason, you should not discard it, as it is a sacred object. You should take it to a local synagogue, so that it can be kept in the Genizah – the storeroom where discarded and damaged sacred objects are kept. It should then be buried in a Jewish cemetery. You can then affix a new mezuzah in its place.

Choose the Right Mezuzahs for Your Home

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