Jordan River Blessed Water

Blessed water – also referred to as holy water – is one of the most spiritually significant items in the Christian faith. It is believed to be a gift from the Lord Himself to help us lead a pious life and to sanctify the places where we live and worship.

Particularly, blessed water from the Jordan River is considered the most precious and most spiritually significant of them all. Many believers around the world use water from the Jordan River for baptizing their children – as well as for a number of other purposes. In fact, it is customary in the British Royal Family to baptize their babies with blessed water from the Jordan River.

What Makes Jordan River Blessed Water So Special?

For Christians around the world, the Jordan River is a sacred site as it is where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. The Bible says that when John baptized Jesus, the heavens opened up and the Spirit of God declared that Jesus is the Son of God.

Ever since then, countless believers from around the world have been baptized in the Jordan River. Every year, hundreds of thousands of believers visit the baptism site located near the Jordan River so that they could take a dip in the river, where they believe they can still feel the Lord’s presence.

The Jordan River is sacred for Jewish people as well. The Tanakh says that the Israelites crossed the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land, after which they were able to establish themselves as a people and as a nation.

How to Use Jordan River Blessed Water?

Blessed water from the Jordan River is primarily used for baptizing children. Apart from this, you can use it for a number of other purposes as well. These include:

  • To bless yourself and your family
  • To bless your home
  • To bless your garden
  • To bless your workplace
  • To bless your place of business
  • To bless your car
  • To bless the sick and the injured
  • To ward off evil spirits

You might want to keep the blessed water in a container at your home and at your workplace. When you come in and go out, you would be able to dip your fingers into the container, make the sign of the cross, and say “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”.

Remember – the tradition of using holy water for blessing people and sanctifying places has been around for centuries – right from the days of Moses. By using holy water in your everyday life, you get to be a part of a sacred tradition which has continued unbroken since the Biblical times.

Jordan River Blessed Water from Holy Land Market

At Holy Land Market, we are proud to offer blessed water from the holiest of rivers to believers all over the world. We offer scented as well as unscented versions of Jordan River holy water. You can use it every day to bless yourself and your family, to protect your household from evil, and to strengthen your bond with the Lord. You can gift it to your loved ones as well.

To place an order for authentic Jordan River blessed water, visit our website. If you have any questions, call us today at 1-612-454-7916 or contact us online

Jordan river blessed water

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