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Few things represent the spirit of Christmas like Nativities do. The image of Baby Jesus – surrounded by Joseph, Mary, shepherds, angels, the three wise men, and barn animals – can evoke a sense of awe, joy, and devotion in a true believer.

The History of Nativities

The tradition of the nativity scene dates back to 1223, when St. Francis of Assisi created the very first nativity set in order to teach people about the true meaning of Christmas.

St. Francis believed that people had become too focused on the materialistic aspects of Christmas – wearing nice clothes, eating good food, and exchanging gifts. He thought that people did not realize the significance of the event they were celebrating. St. Francis decided to recreate the birth of Jesus Christ, so that people could see what it is they were actually celebrating.

The recreation was so impactful that people started singing hymns and psalms of praise. St. Francis was moved to tears as he described the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Ever since then, the tradition of recreating the Nativity scene has been an integral part of Christmas celebrations all over the world.

The Meaning of Nativities

Recreating the nativity scene allows us to relive the glorious moment of the birth of Baby Jesus. It helps us understand that He is the source of all that is good in the world. It also shows that the Lord loved and cared about his creations so much that he lowered Himself to our level, became one of us, lived among us in flesh and blood, and sacrificed Himself for our sins.

The nativity scene allows us to realize the importance of humility and self-denial. The Lord did not choose to rule over the world. Instead, He chose to live among the poorest of the poor and showered His mercy upon those who needed it the most.

The Significance of Olive Wood Nativities

Traditionally, Christians use nativities made of olive wood to recreate the birth of Christ. The olive tree is described in the Bible as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and fertility. Also, since Jesus was a carpenter by profession, it is widely believed that He must have worked with olive wood, which was abundantly available in the Holy Land at the time. Most importantly, it is believed that Christ prayed under an olive tree before He was crucified. This is why olive wood nativities – or any ornaments made of olive wood for that matter – are considered sacred by Christians.

One of the most joyful aspects of setting up the nativity scene is that the whole family can take part in it. Grandparents and parents can teach the young ones how the nativity set should be assembled and explain the significance of the figurines placed in the set. It is a wonderful way to bond over the story of the Savior’s birth.

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Home olive wood nativities

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