Why Do Religious People Use an Incense Holder?

An incense holder – also called an incense burner – is an item that can be found in religious households all over the world. From simple earthenware bowls to ornately designed porcelain, metal, and gold censers, incense burners are available in a variety of different types.

What exactly is the significance of an incense burner? Why do religious people use it? Let us find out the answers in this post.

Use of Incense Holder in Religious Ceremonies

An incense burner is used to burn aromatic incense in religious ceremonies and prayers. The use of incense is not limited to a particular faith or a particular geographic location.

  • The Chinese use incense burners that are shaped like birds and animals (including mythological creatures like qilins and dragons) as well as intricately designed vessels that stand on legs to burn incense during Buddhist and Daoist ceremonies. 
  • Japan is known for its elaborate and grand incense tradition called kodo. The Japanese use incense burners made of different materials like porcelain, enamel, kutani ware, pottery, and bronze to burn incense in Buddhist ceremonies and traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.
  • In India, incense holders made of clay and metal are used in Hindu religious ceremonies and festivals.
  • In the West, Catholic Church is known for its extensive use of incense in liturgical services and processions. The incense holder used in Catholic ceremonies is called a thurible. Thuribles are generally made of metal and have chains attached to them so that they can be suspended during ceremonies and can be held safely during processions and prayers.
  • The Eastern Orthodox Church is also known to use incense holders in liturgical services and prayers.

Significance of Incense in Religious Ceremonies

According to Catholic scholars, the smoke that emanates from the incense holder symbolizes the burning zeal of faith that Christians are instilled with. It can purify and sanctify the place where it is burned and bless whom it touches. Its sweet-smelling fragrance is a reminder of the Almighty’s presence in our midst.

Scholars also say that the burning of the incense is a modern version of an ancient practice called the burnt offering, in which animals were burned in fire and offered as a sacrifice to God.

Studies show that frankincense – one of the most common materials used to make incense – has psychotropic qualities and can relieve anxiety in human beings. It can help you find peace during difficult times and make you feel hopeful about the future. This is one of the reasons why burning incense has been an integral part of religious and spiritual ceremonies since time immemorial.

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