Holy Anointing Oil

Tradition means a lot to people. We connect to football teams, a certain restaurant, and other things of that sort because of their tradition. It can be the tradition of our city, or heritage, our family, or even our faith. Many people wear the cross around their neck but do not go to Church. They still feel that the item gives them a connection to their faith and its tradition. Holy anointing oil is a wonderful and lesser-known item you can use when looking for that sense of connection.

What is the Purpose of Holy Anointing Oil?

Others who routinely go to service will have relics around their home to remind them of their connection to their faith and the presence of God. We look for these items to give us strength and we use them during prayer to help us focus on the message that comes with the tradition of our faith.

Over the years, as people have begun to travel farther and even move to new locations more often, these religious relics have become a part of their tradition as well as that of their faith. In fact, homes are blessed and homeowners are given some of these items as gifts to bring love and protection to a new home. Anointing oil is something that most people have heard of. It’s been used for centuries in different faiths and is another example of something we use to deepen our connection to God.

As you learn more about anointing oil, keep in mind that you want to research it based on your faith. This not only includes the type of oil but the significance of its use. As you look for new ways to connect with your faith, learning the history and tradition that they represent becomes even more significant.

What is it used for?

There are a variety of times when the oil is used to bless people as well as things. For example, when someone is sick, it is common to anoint them with oil as a connection to God. It can also be used for the hopes of safety and good health for a person. Another example of when it is used is when someone buys a new home. They may want to have the home blessed in hopes that it will offer protection and a happy home life.

Priests and Bishops are the only ones allowed to anoint someone under the Anointing Of The Sick tradition in the Catholic faith. This is similar in other faiths but there are rules that apply to those traditions as well.

Our connection to faith is based on what we feel inside. However, throughout the day, we are constantly pulled away from our beliefs as we are distracted by work, television, responsibilities, socializing and more. We rely on these items to remind us of our beliefs and also remind us to connect daily to God, not just when we need help, but to also show our love and appreciation for all that we have.

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Holy anointing oil

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