At Holy Land Market, we offer an exquisite range of handmade jewelry for men and women of all ages. From ornate bracelets to elegantly designed rings, you can find a variety of jewelry that will enhance your outfits and fit your personal style. Our collection also includes rosary jewelry, which can be worn as a symbol of your faith and identity.

Elegant Designs, Eclectic Choices

We offer a large collection of handmade rings that can complement your everyday wear, casual wear, and formal wear. Made of tungsten carbide, our rings are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. They are free of cobalt and other materials that are known to cause allergies.

Tungsten carbide is known for its scratch-resistant quality and its capacity to retain its luster for a long time. So, you do not have to worry about your ring getting worn out or losing its sheen even with regular use.

Depending on your preference, you can choose a ring with a leather inlay, resin enamel inlay, fiber inlay, shell inlay, or fish skin inlay. Other choices include rings with black and gold ion plating, rings studded with cubic zirconia stones, and dual-toned rings.

If you are looking for something to express your Christian identity, you can opt for our classic tungsten, gold, or black ion-plated rings with the symbol of cross engraved on them.

We offer two types of bracelets – a silver tone bracelet with resin beads that contain images of Mother Mary with Her Child (which comes with a cross or crucifix icon) and an ornately designed elastic bracelet with gold tone beads that have images of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and saints enameled onto them.

We also offer a breastplate necklace, which is embedded with 12 mineral stones – representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

Rosary Jewelry from Holy Land Market

If you like to have the rosary with you all the time, why not wear it? We offer a stunning array of rosary jewelry for men and women of faith who like to wear their faith on their sleeve.

Contrary to what many believe, the Bible does not explicitly prohibit you from wearing the rosary. Canon 1171 of the Code of Canon Law states that you should not wear the rosary for secular or other inappropriate purposes and must treat it with reverence. Scholars say that as long as you understand the true purpose of wearing the rosary – which is to seek the Lord’s blessings and to express your faith in Him – you can wear it.

We offer an extensive range of rosary jewelry – ranging from the classic olive wood finger rosaries to rosaries made of glass beads, onyx beads, lapis beads, silver and gold tone beads, apparition hill stones, pearls, crystals, and many, many more.

Contact Us for an Outstanding Selection of Handmade Jewelry

At Holy Land Market, we offer an exclusive collection of handmade jewelry at unbeatable prices. Our jewelry is made by expert craftsmen from the Holy Land with the finest of materials. All of our craftsmen are believers who are inspired by the Word of God and have spent years trying to perfect their craft.

To place an order for our rosary jewelry, tungsten rings, or bracelets, call us today at 1-612-454-7916 or contact us online.